1. Excessive noise and boisterous behaviour is not allowed. Midnight until eight a.m. is “Quiet Time”.
  2. Pets must be kept on a leash at all times.  Please pick up after pets.
  3. Trailers or motorized camper vehicles may not be used to provide additional sleeping accommodations.
  4. All-garbage put out for pickup must be in plastic garbage bags and kept in animal-proof containers.
  5. The Board of Directors must be informed in writing of all proposed additions or changes to the lot or buildings. These changes to include, but not limited to, tree removal or planting; grading or drainage; changes or additions to buildings, docks, boathouses, decks and septic systems. The proposed changes may not take place until approval has been given by the Board of Directors and any other affected Authorities as applicable.
  6. Parked cars must be kept off the travelled portion of all roadways.
  7. Motorbikes may be used only to enter or leave camp.
  8. Motorized Golf Carts be used only:
    • on any roadway and while playing golf on either course
    • can only be operated by persons 16 years of age or older or be accompanied by a responsible adult
  9. Responsibility for the deportment of all individuals using the cottage site rests with the Lessee as well as responsibility for making sure all such individuals are aware of the Rules and Regulations.
  10. Common Sense and Consideration for Others must be exercised at all times.

Contact the Camp Manager if there are any questions regarding these Rules and Regulations.