1. Deposit (50%) is to be paid by Labour Day for lot for the following year.  If the deposit is not paid by November 1, the lot is deemed vacant & must be cleared by November 15.
  2. Additional electrical charges are as follows: air conditioners $80.00, electric water heaters $80.00 and electric golf cart recharges $80.00.
  3. All new and replacement trailers need approval of the Camp Manager regarding make, model age, etc.
  4. The following requirements/limitations apply to structures on seasonal trailer lots:
      • All trailers must be hard-walled, built to either the CSA Z240 RV Series or CSA Z241 Park Model standard, not exceed 12 feet in width, contain a marine-type toilet and sewage holding tank, and be registered (or rented) in the name(s) of the person(s) identified as leasing the lot.
      • A semi-permanent, manufactured addition (add-a-room) is permitted provided it does not extend beyond the length of the trailer, not higher than the trailer to which it is attached and does not contain plumbing.
      • Not including bow windows, bay windows or walk-a-bays, the size restriction on trailers, add-a-rooms, and decks is as follows for each seasonal trailer lot:
    Seasonal trailer lot numbers Combined trailer, deck &
    add-a-room width (max.)
    Trailer length (max.) Combined trailer & add-a-room footprint (max.)
    12 / 13 / 19-21 / 27 / 30-34 / 38-42 20 feet 38 feet 760 sq. feet
    4 / 11 21 feet 38 feet 760 sq. feet
    16 / 28 / 29 / 36 / 37 22 feet 38 feet 760 sq. feet
    1 / 2 / 3 / 15 / 23 / 24 23 feet 38 feet 760 sq. feet
    5 / 6-10 / 14 / 17 / 18 / 22 / 25 / 26 / 35 24 feet 38 feet 760 sq. feet
    • Only temporary awnings are allowed to the front or rear of the trailer.
    • Storage sheds must be manufactured, not exceed 100 square feet, and placed in the back half of the lot.
    • Decks to the front of the trailers should be no higher than one step off the ground.
    • All trailers, add-a-rooms, storage sheds, temporary awnings, and decks are subject to the Manager’s approval, including their location. A site plan, elevation drawings/photos, and/or basic construction details may be required.
    • No additional dishwashers or washing machines are permitted in the trailer park.
  5. One satellite dish is allowed per trailer site but the dish size diameter is limited to 18 inches and must be attached to the trailer or add-a-room.
  6. Refrigerators must be kept out of sight, either in a shed or in a add-a-room.
  7. Because of underground utilities, there may be no digging on any campsite without approval of the manager.
  8. Campsites must be kept neat and tidy.
    • This includes cutting the grass.  The camp will cut the grass for a $25.00 fee per cutting if you are unable to do it.
    • All garbage must be put in plastic garbage bags.
    • Pets must be kept on a leash at all times.  Please pick up after your pets.
  9. Two vehicles only are allowed on any one campsite.  All other vehicles must use the parking lot.
  10. Motorbikes may be used to enter or leave the camp.
  11. Motorized Golf Carts:
    • Used only on roadways and while playing golf on either course
    • can only be operated by persons 16 years of age and older or be accompanied by responsible adult.
  12. Alcoholic beverages must not be present outside trailer.
  13. Excessive noise and boisterous behavior is not allowed.  Midnight until eight a.m. is ‘Quiet Time’.
  14. Responsibility for the deportment of all individuals using the trailer site rests with the lessee as well as responsibility for making sure all such individuals are aware of the rules and regulations.
  15. Common Sense and Consideration for Others must be exercised at all times.